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Years To Retirement

Welcome to my dividend investing blog. I created Dividend Driven to track my journey to financial independence by age 70. I believe investing at least 50% of my monthly income into dividend paying ETF's will maximize my passive income during retirement. I also embody the ideals that everyone can exhibit self responsibility and manage their investments themselves. Today we have more access to different types of investments and research tools than we have ever had before. Dividend investing will continue to be a solid investment strategy long-term and it will create an abundance of wealth for the smart investor. Below is my journal of things that make me think when it comes to investing.

Dividend Driven

Why are people focused on retirement at an early age?

  • They observe elderly family members situation as an example
  • They don't want to be employed by someone else
  • They want their money providing income instead of them working for it
  • They know the earlier you start saving the better compounding works
  • They are willing to sacrifice today for a brighter future

Dividend Driven

Why do some people avoid debt?

  • To have more money to invest
  • To avoid paying a lot more in interest for something
  • To avoid having another bill or subscription
  • Improve their credit score
  • They understand the difference between a want and a need

Dividend Driven

Why would someone pass on free money from a company match?

  • They live paycheck to paycheck
  • They think a house is a better investment
  • They think they will need access to the money before retiring
  • Their friends do not have retirement accounts
  • They have excuses to not cut on spending

Dividend Driven

Why do some people become wealthy?

  • They pay themselves first
  • They save and invest for the long term
  • They spend less than they earn
  • They have a long term plan in place
  • They understand the importance of being self responsible

Dividend Driven

Why does a budget matter?

  • It helps you avoid running out of money
  • It helps you manage your bills
  • It gives every dollar earned a purpose
  • It helps prepare for emergencies
  • It exposes where you can cut spending

Dividend Driven

Why would you choose to live only on Social Security?

  • You aren't a responsible saver, investor or planner
  • You prefer to be dependent on the government
  • You live for today with no thought of tomorrow
  • You trust others know better how to manager your money
  • You believe there will be enough social security in the future

Dividend Driven

Why would you sell your investment?

  • The dividend was suspended
  • You need the money
  • The company was bought or merged
  • Duplicate investment
  • Roll over your 401(k) to an IRA

Dividend Driven

Why would you reinvest your dividends?

  • Increase your total shares
  • Increase your dividend income
  • Expedite overall compounding power
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Save on commission fees

Dividend Driven

Why would you diversify your investments?

  • Spread your risk
  • Minimize losses
  • Maximize gains
  • Participate in multiple sector growth
  • You have minimum funds to invest

Dividend Driven

Why do people start investing?

  • Fear of missing out
  • They inherit money
  • Peers and family are investing
  • Realizing they are getting older
  • Witnesses other journeys online

Dividend Driven

Why do some dividend bloggers stop updating their blog?

  • Not fully committed
  • Lost their job
  • Life gets in the way
  • Entered into retirement
  • They are cutting costs from their budget

Dividend Driven

Why am I a dividend investor?

  • Self responsibility
  • Financial freedom
  • Healthy mindset
  • Passive Income
  • Maximizes my investment returns